Join Our Culture of Innovation

O'Neil's unique culture is often described by our staff as entrepreneurial, empowering and "like family." We embrace values that ensure individuals the opportunity to learn, grow and reach the level of success they aspire to. Our continuous growth is a result of a unified vision among our team. From IT to production to customer service, the O'Neil team embraces a “never say no” approach to solving complex communications challenges.

Customer Focus

Our customers determine our job security. To give our customers the most valuable products with exceptional service, we always view our products and service from their perspective. Our objective is to educate our customers, but we also learn from them, so that we can continuously improve their experience with us and strengthen customer loyalty.


Synergistic decision-making drives our success. We are all responsible for the decisions that affect our products, so it is the responsibility of every team member to bring forward carefully considered ideas, no matter how big or small.


We embrace innovation as a leader in our industry. We accept that the only constant is change, and as its pace accelerates, we continually strive to find new or better ways to improve our products and services. We pass along lessons learned from our own successes and failures and seek to learn from others. Every individual is empowered to lead, innovate, and implement ideas so he or she can contribute to the growth of the organization.

Expecting Excellence

Passionate people with high standards achieve excellence. In order to be a leader in the marketplace, we must excel in everything we do. By setting high standards and always expecting the best, we achieve excellence. We understand that success is a never-ending process. Our goal is to hire and retain excellent people who are dedicated to continuous growth, both professionally and personally.

Positive, Proactive, Can Do Attitude

We drive our own destiny. Success is a journey, not a destination. It is built on positive mental attitudes. How you think is everything. As a proactive organization, we strive to overcome all obstacles by finding innovative ways to conduct business. Adversity makes us stronger. We never, ever stop pushing relentlessly forward.