Data Analytics

Data Analytics

It has never been more imperative that Healthcare and Financial Service organizations provide a world-class customer service experience to strengthen their reputations, Star Ratings, and Net Promoter Scores (NPS). Meeting these expectations requires a deeper understanding of an individual customer's needs across the entire customer journey.

O'Neil Digital Solutions provides the essential data and tools to support our Healthcare and Financial Service clients in improving their customer’s overall experience and satisfaction. Our data analytics engine delivers deep insight into our client’s customers and informs customer personas with deeper, more intelligent demographic and behavioral detail. This insight ensures delivery of highly-personalized communications that are more relevant and timely to each individual customer. A more targeted outreach also enables our clients with effective up-selling and cross-selling opportunities that add value to the customer experience.

As Healthcare and Financial Services organizations gain more insight into how their customers prefer to interact across multiple channels, they can adjust their communications accordingly for greater customer satisfaction and retention.

"O'Neil is truly an extension of my internal Member Communications team. We rely heavily on their industry expertise and end-to-end web tools that allow us to communicate with our members more effectively and stay in compliance".

- Director of Marketing Communications, National Managed Care Organization
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